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To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing in regards to Dentist R Us.

Dentists R Us has helped us service the Inkster head start children for the past ten years.  Head start is a program for low income families and many cannot afford or get transportation to get their children to a dentist.  With the wonderful people at Dentist R Us we are able to help children get a head start on their dental care.  They are able to start parents off on a positive road to good dental care.

Dentist R Us have even been able to assist us during the summer months when we bring children in before school to complete their health screenings.  We have begun such a rapport that they call before the school year begins to remind me to secure days for the next school year.

Their dedication to helping my children and families is greatly appreciated.


Diane Cameron
Site Leader
Inkster Head Start
Starfish Family Services

Dentists R Us has provided a priceless service to the students of Dixon Educational Learning Academy.  The dentist and hygienists work incredibly well with all ages of children. I remember a pre-kindergarten girl who arrived in tears because she was afraid of seeing a dentist for the first time.  This little girl held my hand tightly refusing to let go, but with the gentle and caring nature of Dentists R Us she left with dry eyes and a bright smile.  The hygienist showed her what she was going to do before she did it; she even let her touch the top of the tool that would be put inside her mouth.  This extra time that was taken helped to calm the fears of this small child and helped to positively shape all future experiences this child would have with dentists.

I found Dentists R Us to be not only natural with young children, but they were also very good with the often tough to win over middle school students.  In particular, I remember one middle school student who came at the end of the day when the staff was packing up all of their equipment.  This child had severe tartar buildup on their teeth and although the hygienist could have stopped and sent the child on his way she instead continued working until all of the tartar was cleaned from his teeth.  He was an incredibly shy student and the hygienist conveyed the importance of taking care of his teeth without making him feel badly.

The staff arrived before their schedule time, worked continuously through the day, and left only after they had seen all the children who were scheduled.  In our school we had more children who needed to be seen and so before they left, Dentists R Us scheduled another visit to finish up the last few patients.  The next time that they came we had a change of locations and had to have them set up a rather cramped space that was also at times used as a classroom.  The staff of Dentists R Us could not have been more relaxed and understanding of the entire situation, I felt so thankful for their ability to work in a less than perfect environment.
I cannot say enough positive things about Dentists R Us.  They are easy to get in contact with and go above and beyond what I ever imagined a dental service would provide.  Their service continued even after they left when they called and said that they could provide the students in our school with floss, toothpaste, and toothbrushes.  Once the supplies had been ordered they even drove out to the school to deliver them to us.  Dixon Educational Learning Academy and I are blessed to have been able to be served by Dentists R Us.

Jamie Franks
Dixon Educational Learning Academy
AmeriCorps Site Assistant

To Whom It May Concern:

Communities in Schools of Detroit (CIS) proudly supports the work of Dentist R Us.  For over eight years, by providing essential dental care to students in Metro Detroit, Dentist R Us as helped to continue our mission of surrounding students with a community of support, empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life.

I have personally seen how our partnership with Dentist R Us benefits the lives and academic success of Detroit Public School students.  To date, Dentist R Us has provided over 1,000 dental exams and hundreds of specialized dental services to students in our affiliated Metro Detroit schools.

During these tough economic times, services like dental care take a back seat to other basic needs.  The families we work with do not have the time or resources to take themselves, let alone their children, to get essential dental checkups.  Having Dentist R Us come directly to schools and provide basic dental cleanings, oral hygiene instruction, fluoride treatments, in addition to sealants if necessary, has had a positive impact not only on their overall health, but also on attendance of our students.  The students that receive services demonstrate a continued implementation of dental education, leading to long term oral health, which lead to better attendance.

Communities In Schools is proud of our affiliation with Dentist R Us.  The smiles they bring to our students makes a difference on many levels.  We look forward to our continued partnership.


Celia Williams
Director of Comprehensive Services
Communities In Schools of Detroit

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